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Why is the price per kW constantly changing?
This is the result of the continuous fluctuation of electricity rates which is an external factor
that we cannot control. Mining hotels are forced to adapt to new conditions, so the price per
kW is recalculated almost daily while the amounts of profit from a mining farm also fluctuate.
How reliable are all these hosting sites?
Safety is one of the key priorities for EMCD Farms. All EMCD Farms sites are under round-
the-clock security and video surveillance. You can be sure that the mining farm operates
properly. as we only deal with reliable hosting providers – therefore, you can count on the
sites that the company deals with being proven places to host your equipment.
How much electricity does a mining farm consume if the uptime is below 100%?
The volume of electricity a mining farm consumes depends on the hardware, so it is
important to know the exact uptime of your device. You can calculate the volume of
consumption yourself using the formula below.

Let’s say, a month has 30 days which is a 100% uptime. Then, if you have a 96% uptime,
this will make about 29 days. You decide to install 50 antminer s9 with a consumption of 1.3

1.3*24h*29 days=904.8 kW per month.
Is it worthwhile to buy a mining farm for ETH mining and place it on the site?

It all up depends on your desire and calculations. As a rule, the consumption of video cards

for ETH mining is much lower, but the rate per kW on the sites will be higher. You can take a

certain model of a card and an ASIC, request from us information on the prices for hosting

for farms from video cards and decide, based on calculations, whether buying a mining farm

is worthwhile.

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