Containers for mining equipment on order
We offer customers the opportunity to order a container to house their mining equipment.

Containers have a high level of reliability and impeccable workmanship. They are produced on the territory of Russia, in the city of Odintsovo.

The size of one container can be 20 or 40 feet.

The internal volume of 20-foot containers is about 33 m3 with external dimensions (length - width - height in meters) 6.05 x 2.44 x 2.6, and 40-foot containers - 67.7 m3 with dimensions of 12.19 x 2, 43 x 2.59.
The containers have a strong steel frame lined with profiled metal sheets. The doors of containers of any type are equipped with an anti-vandal closing system.

If you have any questions about ordering containers, please contact EMCD Farms support. Our experts are ready to answer your questions 24/7.

Key advantages of containers for ASIC miners

High mobility
At any time, the container can be transported to a place convenient for its owner; this will especially appeal to those users who are engaged in mining on an industrial scale, but ordinary bitcoin miners will also appreciate this “trick” - because now the “hardware” can be moved to an area with cheaper electricity;
Fire safety
In the process of mining digital assets, a large amount of thermal energy is released (a person who has a miner farm at his disposal will perfectly understand what we are talking about);
Protection against penetration of malefactors;
Which eliminates the need for daily adjustments or adjustments;
Remote control
Possibility of remote control: a user who plans to buy a mining farm and place it at home will have to constantly be nearby and monitor the technical process;
No legal red tape: containers are not related to permanent buildings, so there is no need to seek permission to build them.
How do we work
Send a request or call us
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Come to production
You can come and see the finished configurations and their production
Sign a contract
We draw up a contract in accordance with which we perform work
Make an advance payment of 70%
An advance payment is made in accordance with the supply agreement
Container production
We produce a mobile container for mining within 3-4 weeks or deliver a ready-made version
Delivery to any country

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